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Are You a Super Fan? Put Yourself to the Test

Since 2011, Sumo Citrus has amassed a loyal and creative community of Super Fans. Just as there is no other fruit on the planet that can rival our history, flavor, and aesthetics, there is also no other group of people who can match the talent and excitement of our fans.

We love the energy they bring to the community, year after year. We strive to inspire unexpected joy in everyday life, and our Super Fans are a key part of it.

What makes someone a Super Fan? If you’ve fallen in love at first taste with Sumo Citrus, you’re well on your way to becoming one yourself. Read on to learn about the top 14 signs you might be a Super Fan.

14 Signs You Might Be a Super Fan

Give yourself one point for each. We’ve included a few options for bonus points, too! (Why 14 signs, you ask? Well, because this upcoming season will be our 14th. Give yourself an extra point if you knew that already.)

  1. You have a reminder in your calendar that the season is coming. (Bonus point if you have ever created a countdown to the return of Sumo Citrus in January.)
  2. You know exactly how to spot a Sumo Citrus – and how to spot an imposter from across the produce aisle.
  3. You have a weird habit or routine related to eating Sumo Citrus.
  4. You’ve gone to more than one store to stock up on your #1 fruit.
  5. You have a collection of Sumo Citrus stickers or you keep track of how many you’ve eaten each season.
  6. You distinctly recall the first time you tasted Sumo Citrus – and you’ve told people about it (yes, social media posts count).
  7. You’ve convinced total strangers to add Sumo Citrus to their shopping cart.
  8. You’ve hidden your stash from your roommate/family/co-workers or told a little white lie about what really happened to the half-dozen you bought last week.
  9. You have eaten more than one Sumo Citrus at a time.
  10. You are creatively inspired by Sumo Citrus. (Give yourself a bonus point if you upcycle or create something with the actual peel or sticker!)
  11. A stranger has offered unsolicited commentary on how many Sumo Citrus you buy.
  12. You’re on a first-name basis with the produce manager at your supermarket due to your Sumo Citrus consumption habits.
  13. You have Sumo Citrus swag (one point for each piece) and/or the new Sumo Citrus x LOLI Beauty Cleansing Jelly.
  14. You can name the celebrity who has her own Sumo Citrus tree. (And you wish it was you!)

What your score says about you:

10+: You are the ultimate Super Fan, no doubt about it. Your challenge in the 2024 season? Find a new and quirky way to enjoy the ultimate citrus experience!

7-9: You’re solidly in Super Fan territory. We can’t wait to see what you do in the new season. Your challenge? Get out there and get weird!

4-6: You’re so close. Maybe last year was your first introduction to the legendary taste – or maybe you ran out of time last season. No problem! Your challenge? Go forth and savor the enormously delicious flavor as often as you can.

1-3: You’re a Sumo Citrus newbie! We’re happy to have you. Your challenge? To level-up during the next season. This list will give you a head start. We believe in you!


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