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Sumo Citrus-inspired Art from 2023

Sumo Citrus® is the fruit that inspires

Every season, we’re pleasantly surprised by the creativity of our super-fans – and the endless ways that the fruit serves as a muse, both in the kitchen and out in the world.

When it comes to a love for Sumo Citrus, our community has the most interesting and artistic ways of showcasing their loyalty. Watercolors and block prints. Photography and oil paintings. Digital and analog art. Even sneakers and compost can inspire them! From classically beautiful masterpieces to downright weird “found art,” Sumo Citrus influences far more than the taste buds.

Here, we’ve curated a collection of some of the best Sumo Citrus creations we’ve seen this season.

1. The Juiciest Kicks

The only thing fresher than an in-season Sumo Citrus are these sunrise orange sneakers shared by @Blurrylnz. Who’d love to wear these on their next trek to pick up more Sumo Citrus?

2. Abundance in Watercolor

This still life with a half-dozen Sumo Citrus captures the subtle shading of the bumpy skin, as well as the quirky top knots. But, @poseixas52, however did you restrain yourself from eating your generous stash before you finished painting?

3. Poetry and a Painting

@strawberry.sucker paired a nuanced gouache painting with a poem about the ordinary things that make us happy. And what makes us happier than savoring a Sumo Citrus? Not much! Every shadowy nook and cranny of that bumpy skin is expertly painted.

4. Art is All Around Us

What could be seen as trash (or at least compost) becomes a work of art. @Italian_ice_sunshine turned a discarded Sumo Citrus peel and sticker into a cute little lion. This seems like a fun activity for bored little ones, too!

5. It’s Like Looking in the Mirror

Posed next to a bag of real Sumo Citrus, this print of an oil painting by made us do a double-take. The details are so lifelike and the hues are so intense!

6. A Shade That’s Rarely Seen

Sumo Citrus in black and white? Without the vibrant orange skin, the bumps and top knot truly stand out, as @powlina85 shows us in this block print.

7. A Bold Yet Minimal Take

The richness of this painting by @acgdoesart rivals the real deal. The hues are deeply saturated, reminding us of the endless sweetness of every juicy bite of Sumo Citrus.

8. Vivid Flavor

Even the artist doesn’t know what these are exactly, but we love the slightly weird, vibrant wall hangings nonetheless. Nice work, @bekahworleyco!

9. A Digital Sumo Collision

In this adorable digital illustration, @by_nushu created a mash-up of Sumo Citrus as a Sumo wrestler. The cutest detail? Those “pinch-me” rosy cheeks!

10. A Spring-Inspired Tablescape

Vintage lace and delicate china – along with plenty of spring blooms and Sumo Citrus – elevate this table setting from decoration to a work of art. @Venicebeachqtpie was inspired by a Monet painting, and we love how this 21st century fruit feels right at home amid such a throwback vibe.

11. Art That’s as Weird as the Fruit

If we held a Sumo Citrus Art Show, @katielou4 would win the award for “weirdest” or “silliest” art. She created a whole series in which she dressed up Sumo Citrus with googly eyes, colorful beads and other adornments based on spring holidays and things that struck her fancy. It’s a vibe!

12. The Sweetest End to Any Meal

A glossy-smooth Sumo Citrus curd filling, topped with an artfully swirled and browned meringue and two perfectly positioned segments of fruit? We’ll take an extra large slice! @Only_Tarts is an expert baker, and this creation has us asking, “Can we eat dessert first?”

Keep sharing your creations with us, even in the off-season, by tagging @SumoCitrus in your works of art.


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