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A year in the life of sumo citrus

All year long, dedicated Sumo Citrus growers tend to the fruit in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Explore the Sumo Citrus growing lifecycle below:


Growers carefully survey the land to make sure the fruit is growing to its fullest potential, producing only the sweetest, juiciest, most enormous fruit.


In the hot summertime, growers irrigate the groves to ensure Sumo Citrus trees receive sufficient water throughout the drier months.

Sun Protection

Sumo Citrus loves warm, sunny weather, but it needs sun protection to avoid damage. Growers take careful precautions to protect the fruit from harsh summer rays in the Central Valley.

Weather Protection

Growers take precautions to protect the fruit against winds, rain, fungus, and freeze.





Sun Protection


Color Break

Weather Protection

Grower Spotlight

Hear what passionate growers have to say about the legendary fruit.

Sumo citrus is the world’s most pampered fruit

Hand-pruned for more sunlight.

Ripened on the tree.

Hand-picked from trees.

Harvested in small totes instead of big bins.

Floated into the line to prevent bruising.

Hand-packed into each crate.

a commitment to
regenerative farming

protecting the ecosystem

We are trialing regenerative farming practices like cover-cropping and reduced-till farming to improve soil biodiversity.

As permanent crops, healthy trees reduce erosion and hold carbon in the soil.

resource management

Investment in water-saving technologies like drip irrigation and moisture sensors.

Farms store and bank water to prepare for changing climatic conditions.

Investment in solar projects to control costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Energy-efficient LED lighting and energy monitoring to optimize packing and cold storage systems.

Sumo Citrus Farms

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