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Sumo Citrus x LOLI Beauty Cleansing Jelly!

Sumo Citrus x LOLI Beauty Cleansing Jelly!

Want to enjoy the refreshing, uplifting power of Sumo Citrus all year long?

Discover Sumo Citrus Cleansing Jelly – An unexpectedly joyous partnership between Sumo Citrus and the leading no-waste skincare brand, LOLI Beauty.

Why do we love LOLI Beauty?

LOLI Beauty was the first zero waste beauty brand – from upcycling from organic superfoods, to food grade, waterless, vegan products and fully at-home compostable / recycled / recyclable and reusable packaging.

Made with Upcycled Sumo Citrus peels!

We strive to be as sustainable as possible in our growing of Sumo Citrus, so this conscious collaboration is a huge opportunity. By upcycling peels that don’t make it to the store, we’re making a positive difference for the planet and for your skin.

Our Sumo Citrus mandarins also make potent skin care ingredients. So we’re upcycling the peel with LOLI to produce the Sumo Citrus oil and powder that super-charge this brightening cleanser.

LOLI’s commitment to sourcing upcycled, superfood ingredients, making clean, MADE SAFE certified products, and packaging sustainably also make this collaboration a perfect fit.

A Bit About the Cleansing Jelly

Each Sumo Citrus contains vitamin C, but also the highest levels of “vitamin P” – also known as the bioflavonoid, Hesperidin (a potent anti-aging antioxidant). Hesperidin is contained in the peel of the fruit. Think of this as the superhero of anti-aging – helping to revitalize and brighten your skin with every wash!

LOLI blended some of the most effective skincare ingredients with our Sumo Citrus oil and powder to make an everyday cleanser that’s gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins. Here are some of the powerful ingredients in the cleanser, organic and food-grade wherever possible:

Citrus Reticulata (Sumo Citrus®) Peel Oil: Our peels help rewind the signs of UV damage (think dark spots or fine lines & wrinkles) since they’re loaded with vitamin C & P.

Citrus Reticulata (Sumo Citrus®) Peel Powder: We ground the peels to also make a gentle exfoliating powder to leave skin smooth and silky.

Safflower Seed Oil: This lightweight, dry oil helps balance the skin and prevent pesky breakouts.

Jojoba Seed Oil: Jojoba is really a natural liquid wax, pressed from the leaves of the Jojoba plant. It’s a sebum buster to leave your complexion poreless.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: Upcycled from the arctic fruit grown 10,000 feet above the Himalayas, this berry contains 120 micronutrients to keep skin bouncy.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Nature’s hydrating miracle worker. Aloe vera calms, soothes and smoothes.

Banana Peel Extract: Upcycled from banana peels, this wonder ingredient acts as an antimicrobial and anti-bacterial to help keep your skin clear.

Quillaja Extract & Soapwort Leaf/Root Extract: No skin-stripping SLS’s in this gentle cleanser! Instead, we’re using plant-based alternatives.

From our Sumo Citrus farms to your skin care routine, we’re bringing unexpected joy to every day.

This is a limited batch product so get yours while they’re available!


Product info
Sumo Citrus Cleansing Jelly, a melting vitamin C cleanser
3.1 OZ (88 g)


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