Sumo Citrus + TikTok in 2023

Things are getting a little weird this year.

Let’s face it, the fruit itself is a little weird. From the bumpy skin, the squishy feel, the Top Knot, and all kinds of funky shapes and sizes, Sumo Citrus has a funny way of bringing out the weirdness in everyone. After you’ve had one, you’ll totally get it. Sumo Citrus season is your once-a-year permission to go a little overboard, be a little obsessive, and get a little weird.
If you haven’t heard, we’re making our debut on TikTok this year. We’ll be sharing the weirdness at @sumocitrus.

In 2023, if you encounter any superfans in the wild, or want to wax poetic about your love for Sumo Citrus, TikTok is the place to do it – and don’t forget to tag #sumocitrus.
Last year, Sumo Citrus exploded on the platform with the now-famous viral video at the 72nd Street Trader Joe’s in New York City. We watched as a mystery person proclaimed their love for Sumo Citrus to a captive audience. Thanks to their impassioned speech about why they love the fruit that’s both a little weird and enormously delicious, many other shoppers (along with millions of viewers of the video) decided to try it for themselves.

One of those shoppers shared the impassioned superfan on Tiktok, where the video amassed millions of views and likes, over 7,600 comments and has been shared nearly 25,000 times. Delish covered the story. So did Mashed, Spoon University and Yahoo. Even the UK media outlet The Guardian wrote about the mystery shopper!

Help Us Find the #1 Sumo Citrus Fan from That Viral Trader Joe’s Tiktok

We’d love to thank our #1 Super Fan for spreading the word about the Top Knot and shower her with an abundant supply of Sumo Citrus along with some fun swag. But first, we need to find our Super Fan!

Use the tag #sumocitrussearch on social media to help us track down the Trader Joe’s checkout zealot. We’ll select a winner – whoever finds our mystery shopper first – to receive two cases of Sumo Citrus. (Not to worry: The mystery fan will get a separate set of prizes, of course!) So tell your family, your friends and your social networks. Let’s find our viral Sumo Citrus Super Fan!


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