Permission to Get a Little Weird

Life lessons from the produce aisle: The best things in life are a little weird. That applies to the fruit as well as people. In 2023, can we all commit to leaning into our quirks? To embrace our eccentricities? To own our idiosyncrasies?

For years, when discussing Sumo Citrus, the conversation went like this: It’s enormously delicious and incredibly sweet, but…

  • The skin is bumpy.
  • There’s a knot on top.
  • It’s only available for a short time

Nothing in life is perfect. That wouldn’t be fun.

For us, the quirks of Sumo Citrus actually make it the world’s most loved fruit. It took over ten years to perfect. It is only available for a few months of the year (January through April to be specific). Every piece of fruit must be picked by hand and treated delicately. How awesome is that? Not to mention, the Top Knot is a distinguishing characteristic that you can spot in the produce aisle, separating it from other hum-drum fruit.

Sumo Citrus has firmly established its place in the produce aisle, with an obsessive following and an enormous size that overshadows other citrus fruits. Sumo Citrus takes up space – and doesn’t apologize for that. It isn’t afraid to value itself and knows its true worth. And it sets boundaries. We try our best to make sure that there are no half-ripened or undersized Sumo Citrus in stores.

How about you? What makes you “weird”? Are you embracing your weirdness as a superpower – or are you downplaying your awesomeness? This season, we’re challenging you to wear your weirdness like a badge of honor, as proudly as you do a Sumo Citrus produce sticker!

Maybe you have a ritual at snack time. Do you have to peel each Sumo Citrus in a single piece for good luck? Do you adorn your baby with Sumo Citrus stickers for fun? Do you slice them into wedges instead of peeling them with ease?

Have you ever shouted your love for Sumo Citrus to your fellow shoppers? (We’re still searching for that Super Fan, by the way!)

This month on social media, we’re hosting a contest that not only celebrates your weirdness – it rewards it, too. Through the end of February, tag us in pictures and videos highlighting what makes you a little weird and enormously awesome. You could win a $600 grand prize package, including two cases of Sumo Citrus, swag and a $250 Amazon gift card. (Two runners-up will get two cases of fruit and Sumo Citrus swag.)

Whether you show off your talents for us or keep them private, know this: You’re awesome – enormously awesome – just the way you are! Keep being weird, Super Fans!


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