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Why Tasting is Believing with Sumo Citrus

What we eat is about far more than simply fueling our bodies and fending off hunger. Food is connection. It’s culture. And most importantly? It’s joy.

Want proof? Watch someone experience Sumo Citrus for the first time. Forget videos of cute puppies – this is the serotonin boost you didn’t know you needed.



“It’s zesty. It’s super citrusy and super sweet and super juicy. That’s crazy!”

“I’m loving this Sumo Citrus.” 

“I remember the first time I tried it. I was just amazed. I ended up buying two pounds of it.” 

“I like the texture.” 

“Sumo Citrus is one of the best things I’ve ever had.” 

“This is like the evolution of citrus.” 


When was the last time you heard someone talk about fruit like that? 


To fully grasp the magnitude of its legendary status, you have to try it for yourself. And once you do, tasting is believing. 


What other fruit could inspire all this: 

Masterpieces in every possible medium

A love proclamation on morning television

A plea for a tree of one’s very own that eventually bears fruit


Every January, for 14 years and counting, the American public rekindles its love with this Japanese-born legend, only to face heartbreak come April when the meticulously cultivated fruit’s season ends. 


Sumo Citrus has inspired beauty products, sticker contests and even imitations. Super Fans have broken the internet when there are murmurs of hats and bags bearing their love’s likeness. And they’ve stood on proverbial soapboxes in grocery store aisles spreading the word about that instantly recognizable fruit. 


What’s the secret? It’s the taste, the Top Knot™, that rough skin and the size can’t truly prepare you for the unexpected joy that you’re about to experience. But once you sink your teeth into one of the segments, you get it. 


It’s incredibly sweet, but not like candy or treats that you feel in your teeth. 

It’s juicy, but never messy – and it’s seedless, but non-GMO. 

It’s like other citrus, yet nothing like anything else in the world. 


Don’t take our word for it. Go out there and try it for yourself. But be warned: Once you’ve tasted Sumo Citrus, you’ll never forget it. 


Relish Sumo Citrus while you can, because the legend is only in stores January through April each year.


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