The Most Inspiring Fruit

Sumo Citrus fans show off their creativity

The best thing about Sumo Citrus® season is the incredibly sweetness that we wait for each year. The next best thing? Seeing the joy, inspiration, and downright obsession Sumo Citrus brings to those who love.

Here’s a peek at some of the most inspiring ways fans shared the most exciting thing in the produce aisle this season.

Easy to peel, easier to get inspired. @italian_ice_sunshine turned would-be compost into art. We love seeing how you reuse your Sumo Citrus peels – using them as natural air freshener, infusing vinegar for a natural cleaner and even preserving the peel as candy.

Jamie_jetaime uses style for self expression, and she dressed the part to celebrate Sumo Citrus season! We love her – and this look.

Yelowgirl123 took part in our #SumoCitrusStickers contest. “My healthy obsession has become a sticker collection! I live for Sumo Citrus season and the produce guy sees me coming!

These are the sweetest and juiciest citrus EVER! I’m a total FAN GIRL for SUMO CITRUS!” What a clever idea, to use Sumo Citrus stickers to adorn your Sumo Citrus fruit bowl! “

Photopaige’s sticker collection reminds us that nothing lasts forever, even Sumo Citrus season. “I never dreamed I’d meet a fruit like you! ❤️ @sumocitrus THANK YOU….FOR MAKING MY Dreams come true.” Thank YOU, Paige, for sharing your healthy obsession!

Our March Super-Fan Allisonmertzman savored the world’s best fruit at the happiest place on Earth! “Perfect place, perfect weather, perfect orange. Today was a great day.” Agreed – any day with Sumo Citrus is a great day, Allison.

Sumo Citrus inspired J3nn3ll to get a bit surreal and write a love-poem to his favorite fruit: “To me, fair friend, you never can be old, For as you were when first your eye I ey’d, Such seems your beauty still.”

Finally, the talented Burcu_art made an enormously delicious masterpiece.

Seeing how Sumo Citrus brings incredible sweetness to our fans’ lives every season is so much fun. Though the 2021 season is drawing to a close, we’re already excited to see what you have in store for next year!


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