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6 Ideas to Savor Spring with Sumo Citrus

Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth, a time for the natural world to awaken refreshed and ready to grow.

But, while the season technically begins with the Spring Equinox on March 20, those living in northern climes know that you can’t rush nature. Spring will only happen when Mother Nature is good and ready for it – and not a moment sooner. (Not unlike life on the Sumo Citrus® farms!)

Regardless of the outside temperature, Sumo Citrus has a way of making any day feel warmer, brighter, and all-around more joyful. Whether spring came early where you live or you’re still buried under inches of snow and ice, read on for our favorite ways to celebrate spring – inspired by the legendary taste of Sumo Citrus, of course!

1. Freshen Up Your Menu

Swap out the heavy slow cooker soups and stews of winter for lighter fare that aligns with spring’s energy. Need some inspiration?

How about this zesty, tangy Sumo Citrus Tabbouleh, a Sumo Citrus Glazed Salmon where salty meets sweet, or a simple, nutritious Sumo Citrus Kale Salad? Try these lightly sweetened vegan muffins for breakfast or a snack. And, of course, we recommend sipping on a Sumo Citrus Golden Hour Mocktail as you cook. 

Then head to your favorite market and fill your cart with Sumo Citrus while you still can!

2. Breathe It In

Stop and smell the flowers or better yet, a Sumo Citrus. The peel is packed with essential oils that deliver a delightful aroma. According to research published in the journal Antioxidants in 2022, citrus oils “impart relaxing, calming, mood-uplifting, and cheer-enhancing effects.” 

The next time you take a snack break, pause and engage your senses. Summon your willpower to avoid devouring each juicy segment. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and then take a bite. Turn it into a meditation if you feel inspired. Inhale fresh starts and a growth mindset. Exhale stagnant energy and limiting thoughts.

3. Out with the Old

Spring cleaning is as good for your spirit as it is for your home. Use this in-between time before the go-go-go energy of summer arrives to shed what no longer serves you. Sweep away the shadows of winter and open the curtains. Sort through piles of books, magazines, and mail. Go through your closet, donating what doesn’t fit your body or lifestyle and repairing anything that needs some TLC. Clean underneath and behind furniture, in all the nooks and crannies that winter’s dust bunnies hide.

Bring more of that mood-boosting citrus aroma into your spring cleaning routine. Make a batch of Sumo Citrus-Infused Surface Cleaner – it’s non-toxic and affordable! Plus, it’ll help you preserve the essence of Sumo Citrus long after the season ends.

4. Brighten Up

No sunshine? No problem – make your own with a pop of color in your decor. Orange is an energetic color associated with joy, so grab your favorite fruit bowl, put it front and center in your kitchen or dining room, and fill it up with Sumo Citrus.

If you’re into DIY projects, spring is the perfect time to add an accent wall or colorful details around your home. On a smaller scale, simply swapping your winter duvet cover for a lighter, more vibrant one can make a difference. Head to your local thrift store to scout out new table linens or other brightly colored accessories.

5. Share the Wealth

We’ve all seen the tweets and memes about how Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie was excited to receive an orange (and not much else) for Christmas. Well, the tradition of gifting citrus actually dates back to ancient Rome.

In modern times, gifting citrus is a common practice across Asia – including in Japan, for example, where one might give a single piece of high-quality fruit. Let’s continue that tradition by sharing a Sumo Citrus with someone. Take one to your work BFF. Put one in your sweetie’s lunchbox. Leave one on your neighbor’s porch. Give one to your fitness instructor after class. There’s no wrong way to share the love of Sumo Citrus.

6. Celebrate Growth at Your Pace

Even when the weather does feel like spring on March 20, there might still be snow. The ground might still be frozen. The spring flowers might just be budding. Growth takes time – that’s one of the core lessons we’ve learned after all these seasons.

So, when you’re frustrated by the pace of your own progress, take a deep breath and look around. Let nature remind you that growth and change take time and move in cycles. Celebrate every step and savor the here and now – because Sumo Citrus is here, now, but only through April.


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