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To the uninitiated, it’s just another citrus fruit found in the produce aisle. Despite its bright and bold packaging, Sumo Citrus® is not the prettiest fruit – with a Top Knot™ and skin that’s a little bumpy. So, what gives? What makes this fruit worthy of its larger-than-life status?

The legendary taste.

It is love-at-first-juicy-no-mess-bite. Sumo Citrus is a ray of light, a bright spot in every day, and the sweetest, simplest joy during the coldest, grayest months of winter.

What is it exactly about that flavor that turns ordinary people into Super Fans? It’s just a mandarin, right? Au contraire. Sumo Citrus is a legend that inspires joy from the moment you first see it in the supermarket each January.

Here’s what that legendary taste reveals to us:

It’s a fruit with a backstory.

A legend from humble roots? That’s a story for the ages. Thousands of miles away from home, over 10 years of work, numerous setbacks, and a grower who almost abandoned it entirely. The Sumo Citrus origin story has the sweetest ending – and now “happily ever after” happens every winter, when the legend appears in stores near you.

It’s proof that hard work pays off.

We don’t always feel connected to the source of our food. However, Sumo Citrus is known for the care and attention that our growers put into the fruit, which is notoriously difficult to bring into this world. Sumo Citrus receives TLC year round – and you can taste the difference.

It’s a sign to slow down and be present.

True, you may only need one hand to peel a Sumo Citrus – it’s really that easy. But this is a fruit to savor and experience with every bite. The sweet juiciness makes your mouth water just thinking about it, and its intensity catches you off-guard each time, forcing you to enjoy each moment with this enormous fruit.

It’s an inspiration for anyone with big dreams.

Both online and in the aisles, Super Fans elevate Sumo Citrus to legendary levels. Never has a food inspired so much beauty and creativity in the world. The taste is the tell. There’s nothing like it – and trying to describe and capture its perfection is the ultimate muse.

It’s a reminder that there is no one quite like you.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Beauty is only skin deep. What matters is on the inside. They’re clichés, yes, but they’re also important lessons. With Sumo Citrus, what you see is not what you get. It’s weird and it’s wonderful! There is nothing like it – just like there’s no one like you.

This season, slow down and savor the legendary taste. Find joy – and spread it whenever you can.


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