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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sumo Citrus®

Everything you need to know about the legendary fruit before you go shopping this season.

During Sumo Citrus season, super-fan excitement can be at its peak. Before you dash to the closest supermarket in search of “your new citrus crush of the winter,” there are a few things you need to know about this legendary fruit.

Read on to know how to spot a Sumo Citrus from across the produce aisle, what to expect if you’re a first-timer — and what makes fans stalk this fruit all season long.


How to Know You Found the Real Deal

Do not be fooled by imposters. There’s one and only one Sumo Citrus. Here’s how you can tell a Sumo Citrus from an average piece of citrus.

  1. When is it available?In North America, Sumo Citrus season is always from January through April. That said, every fall, a special shipment of fruit arrives from Australia farms, and a lucky few will get their hands on the fruit. While the timing of this limited batch will range, you can always count on the winter months to find your favorite fruit.
  2. What’s that on top? While other citrus fruits might be perfectly round and globe-shaped, Sumo Citrus has a cute (not-so-little) Top Knot. That bump is one of many unique attributes of this mandarin hybrid — and its most recognizable feature. The Top Knot makes it that much easier to peel!
  3. How does the skin feel?If your fruit feels slick and smooth, it’s not a Sumo Citrus. Bumpy skin is another trademark trait of the world’s most loved fruit. But don’t let this bumpy skin fool you: The fruit is quite delicate, so handle with care.
  4. Can you squeeze it?While the fruit does need some TLC (that’s why our growers pick every single one by hand) the skin is naturally a little loose. That’s not a sign that it’s overly ripe or not ready to eat. It’s normal — and what makes each one so easy to peel. See if you can peel it off in one piece!

  1. How big is it?When we say “enormously delicious,” that’s not just referring to the flavor. Sumo Citrus is BIG! There is some variation, but they’ll always be big enough to fill your hand. Grab a variety of sizes and savor each one. They make the perfect snack.
  2. What does the box look like?
    If you’re quickly scanning the produce section for Sumo Citrus, look for flashes of purple and orange. Our beautiful boxes keep the fruit safe while honoring their Japanese heritage. (If you haven’t heard the story yet, check out the anime-inspired version!)
  3. What does the sticker say?Finally, look for the sticker. It will say “Sumo Citrus.”

What to Expect from Your First Sumo Citrus

So you scored your first Sumo Citrus, and you’re ready to eat it. What will it be like? Pure citrus perfection that’s unlike anything else!

  • Incredibly-sweet: Your sweet tooth will thank you for bringing home Sumo Citrus. It’s a whole-food, single-ingredient snack that is naturally sweet and almost indescribably delicious. Once you try it, you’ll know!
  • Seedless: Sure, seeds are part of nature, but they can really get in the way of your snack time experience. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with Sumo Citrus. This enormous fruit is a seedless hybrid (and also non-GMO)!
  • Juicy with no mess: How disappointed are you when you peel a fruit, only to realize it’s dry and sour? That won’t happen with Sumo Citrus. They’re super-juicy yet somehow never make a mess. It’s pure magic, and you’ll love it!

Is All the Hype Really Real?

In one a word, yes. Super-Fans are committed for a reason. This fruit is worth the wait. It inspires culinary creations and artistic ones, too. Here’s a look back at how hyped up fans were in 2021.

Spoiler alert: Every Sumo Citrus is going to be perfectly ripe, enormously delicious and off-the-charts sweet. That’s because our expert farmers (the only ones permitted to grow Sumo Citrus) tend the trees year round and have combined decades of growing experience.

Look for the world’s most anticipated fruit in a produce aisle near you this January — and don’t wait, because the season ends in April.


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