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What’s Weird and Wonderful about Sumo Citrus® in 2023

Year after year, people can’t get enough of Sumo Citrus®! Our legion of super-fans keeps growing, as word continues to spread that this fruit is a little weird and enormously delicious. From viral checkout line love fests (psst, we’re still looking for that fan!) to featured segments on national television, Sumo Citrus is one popular fruit.

Here are the latest headlines about what’s weird and wonderful with Sumo Citrus in 2023, plus a sneak peek at some extra special (and ultra weird!) Sumo Citrus moments that’ll have you reaching for more of your favorite fruit.

TODAY Show: “This is gold!”

Hoda did it again! After last year’s shoutout on the TODAY show, where she called out this “explosion of flavor,” Hoda featured her favorite fruit again this season. She says eating a Sumo Citrus “feels like Summer in the middle of Winter, it’s amazing!” And there’s only one citrus fruit that holds the key to her heart: “I’m not really an orange fan but I love a Sumo.” Same, Hoda, same. Watch the clip.

AOL: A Seasonal Guide To Citrus Fruits

You already know that citrus fruit is the best part about winter and early spring. AOL agrees: “If you weren’t on Sumo TJ TikTok last year, you were missing out. Sumo Citrus is like a giant mandarin. It has the intense sweetness of the smaller version while being the size of a big orange. It’s also easy to peel and [doesn’t] make a mess.” Browse their guide.

Fansided: “Bursts into the New Year with even more deliciousness”

Calling Sumo Citrus “as fun to see on the shelf as it is to eat,” Fansided says that the sweet aroma “seems to brighten the moment” on any dreary and chilly winter day. And, they “get” the weirdness: “The fruits might look a little different from the other offerings on the shelf but being different should be celebrated.” Preach! Keep reading.

SF Gate: Meatless snacks for on-the-go

Is there anything worse than a snack that lets you down? Either it’s lackluster in flavor or leaves you hungry an hour later – but not your beloved Sumo Citrus. That’s why SF Gate is loving Sumo Citrus right now! Read the story.

POPSUGAR: Why Are They Everywhere Right Now?

Well, you already know the answer, but we’re thankful that POPSUGAR is out there spreading the word about why Sumo Citrus is seemingly everywhere. (See also: a little weird, enormously delicious.) They highlighted the obvious deliciousness as well as “how healthy it is” (boasting 160% of your daily vitamin C in a single fruit, NBD…). Get the scoop.

Sneak Peek: Videos That are A Little Weird

As promised, here is a sneak peek at our latest vignettes featuring your favorite fruit. Every year we have more fun with this seriously amazing fruit. Thanks to all of our super-fans for embracing the weirdness and enjoying Sumo Citrus as much as our dedicated farmers love growing them!

It’s a little

It’s a little

Sumo Citrus strikes an obsession in fans that, for those who haven’t tried the fruit, may seem a little weird.

After you’ve had one, you’ll totally get it.


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