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Why It’s Love at First Bite with Sumo Citrus

Anyone who has taken that first juicy, incredibly sweet bite knows that tasting is believing.

Anyone who has taken that first juicy, incredibly sweet bite knows that tasting is believing. There is only one Sumo Citrus. A legend among mortals with an origin story worthy of an icon. Sumo Citrus is everything you’ve heard it to be – and more.

Why have so many people fallen head over heels for Sumo Citrus? Why do they profess their love year after year, waiting months to reunite with their beloved? Why do they create works of art – and not only culinary masterpieces – inspired by a fruit?

It’s. The. Legendary. Taste.

But it’s also more than that. While other snacks blur into mindless repetition, Sumo Citrus is a multi-sensory experience that slows you down and stops you in your tracks.

So, we decided to ask our Super Fans:

What do you love most about sumo citrus? Easy-to-peel - 13% Incredible sweetness - 17% Adorable Top Knot(TM) - 3% All of the above - 67%

It’s also big on the internet. Your favorite food and recipe bloggers share creative and tasty recipes year after year starring Sumo Citrus. Tips for freezing, preserving and hoarding your stash abound. Our social feeds are full of (extra)ordinary people sharing why they love it so much. Celebrities like Jenna Fischer, Hoda Kotb, Eva Chen, John Mayer, and more A-listers name-drop Sumo Citrus each season and wait all year for their obsession to return.

The season only lasts from January to April each year, and it’s entirely dependent on the hard work of our talented, dedicated growers and Mother Nature herself. They’re hand picked only when perfectly ripe (not shipped cross-country still green – we would NEVER!).

Sumo Citrus is just…perfectly imperfect, which makes that quirky appearance even more endearing. Would we love Sumo Citrus even more if it had flawlessly smooth, airbrushed skin? We’ll never know! But we think those quirks – like our own – are to be celebrated! Talk about a lesson in acceptance: If we can love the quirks of Sumo Citrus, we can love our own.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know. No matter how many people talk about it, how many photos you see on your feeds, how much hype it gets, there’s nothing like tasting it for yourself. Incredibly sweet and juicy, with no mess or seeds. It’s the one, the only, Sumo Citrus. And it’s here for now – so get it while you can.


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