Sumo Citrus Season: 2020 Highlights

What a season! This year, Sumo Citrus proved once again why it's the most loved fruit on the planet.

What a season! This year, Sumo Citrus proved once again why it’s the most loved fruit on the planet. Sweet and juicy without the mess, enormous, and easy to peel. People from around the country spotted the signature top knot and enjoyed the fruit in record numbers.

The season started with Sumo Citrus getting a new look inspired by its Japanese heritage. Did you know that this legendary fruit was first cultivated in Japan in the 1970’s? Yet, given it’s one of the most challenging varieties to grow, it wasn’t until 2011 that Sumo Citrus to became available to the public.

We also learned that while sharing is usually a good thing, that doesn’t apply to Sumo Citrus. It was a season of grabbing as many Sumo Citrus as possible and indulging the sweetest habit for yourself.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

The time Jenna Fischer tried to grow her own Sumo Citrus. We’ll be in touch Jenna! Stay strong.
When Boobie Billie got the full Sumo Citrus treatment.
Sumo Citrus appeared in the pages of New Yorker magazine as part of their holiday food guide.
Our superfan Eva Chen showered the Instagram offices with Sumo Citrus joy.
When healthymoodsf created the chocolate-dipped Sumo Citrus craze. #dessertgoals
Sumo Citrus’ signature top knot was a feature in Food Network Magazine, calling the fruit a “national obsession.”
Sumo Citrus made its primetime debut with a shoutout on the CBS sitcom, The Unicorn.
A Sumo Citrus education from the one and only Loryn Powell.


That’s a wrap! To all our superfans who made 2020 possible, thank you!

Now the hard part, waiting for the next season. Sumo Citrus has some surprises in store before then, so be sure to stay connected @sumocitrus and at for updates.


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