Sumo Citrus® is Unlike Any Other Fruit on Earth

Discover what sets the enormously delicious fruit apart from everything else.

How rare it is to find something in the world that actually lives up to the hype surrounding it. Such is the case with Sumo Citrus®, the fruit that Super-Fans wait all year to savor. Whether you’re newly discovering this enormously delicious fruit (if so, then welcome!) or you’ve nurtured your #healthyobsession for a few seasons now, you know there’s something special about Sumo Citrus. Here’s a look at 3 of the most distinct features to look for — and why they matter:


1. Sumo Citrus are enormous.

If you’re an avid citrus consumer, you know that fruit sizes will range depending on the variety. You may pick up a piece of fruit, and the weight instantly tells you you’ll need to grab a few to even begin to take the edge off your hunger.

Not so with a Sumo Citrus — fruit can reach over 4 inches in diameter! When we say enormously delicious, both parts are equally true. They’ll fit in your hand (but just barely in some cases!), and always taste incredible.

You never know the shape and size you will find in stores, which is part of the wonder of nature — no two Sumo Citrus are ever exactly the same. But no matter what, they are all delicious!

2. They’re a little weird-looking.

Once you have a Sumo Citrus in your hand, you’ll notice a few other quirks. There’s a Top Knot, to start. But you’ll know you’ve found the Real Deal when you spot the iconic sticker and feel that bumpy skin. First-timers are thrown a little — the world’s perfect fruit has skin that’s not perfectly smooth and free of blemishes? Yes. And beyond proving the truth behind all those cliches about beauty, the skin of a Sumo Citrus has more quirks that serve a greater purpose.

The skin is squishy and loose, and if you feel a little “give” when you pick up a Sumo Citrus, that’s OK. It’s part of what makes each one so easy to peel.

Despite the fruit’s heft and bumpy skin, they’re actually quite delicate. Their skin bruises easily, so each fruit is picked by hand and packed with care.


3. No mess & seedless.

The final surprise comes when you sink your teeth into the juicy segments, savoring every incredibly-sweet bite. You notice the seeming contradiction. All that sweetness and juice, but NO MESS?! And then, as you consider past experiences with other, citrus, you realize: There are no seeds. Not a single one. Anywhere in the fruit! That, too, isn’t an accident.

It took over 10 years of careful breeding by expert growers to evolve a variety of oversized mandarins known as “dekopon” into the world’s most anticipated fruit. Born in Japan and perfected in California, Sumo Citrus is non-GMO and notoriously difficult to grow — but by maintaining the highest growing standards possible, our farmers make sure every bite is not only sweet and delicious but also seedless for maximum taste bud satisfaction!

The countdown is on for the next Sumo Citrus season. Look out for all their iconic qualities — the enormous size, Top-Knot, and bumpy skin — and get ready to stock up, returning to stores January through April.


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