The Sumo Citrus® Hype Is Real. Find Out Why.

Season after season, super-fans everywhere await the return of the world's most iconic fruit, the enormously delicious Sumo Citrus.

Anyone who’s ever had the experience of eating a Sumo Citrus knows without a doubt: it’s one obsession that lives up to the hype. According to Parade magazine, Sumo Citrus is “the world’s most anticipated fruit”.

So, what’s all the hype about? Whitney E., R.D., the blogger, dietitian and mom of two, delivers it straight: Sumo Citrus is super-sweet, no-mess, enormous, easy-to-peel, and seedless.

But, there’s more to love about Sumo Citrus, according to the fruit’s most loyal fans.

The signature top knot shape is iconic.

Fans know they have the real-deal of this unique citrus hybrid – derived from satsuma, orange, and mandarin and called a “dekopon” – as soon as they spot the iconic top knot. Now that there’s less lingering in the fruit aisle, being able to spot the Sumo Citrus from across the aisle is a major perk.

When was the last time you got this excited about a fruit?

Sumo Citrus is healthy snacking perfection.

Since Sumo Citrus is notoriously easy to peel and can be enjoyed without any mess, the fruit makes for the perfect on-the-go snacking indulgence — and a healthy one, at that! Loaded with 163% of your Daily Value of vitamin C, your immune system will love Sumo Citrus as much as your tastebuds.

Could that be why Eva Chen loaded up on cases of Sumo Citrus last season?

Limited seasonality, grown by experts.

Growing the perfect fruit takes time and expertise, and this legendary fruit is especially difficult to raise, even by the expert growers of Sumo Citrus. This means the fruit is only available for a limited season every year. As Stacey Ballis of MyRecipes shares, “I have come to wait all year for their brief season, and gorge on them while they are available between January and April. Stocking up when you find them is always a good idea.” Thanks to Sumo Citrus’ passionate growers, super-fans are able to stock up and indulge every season.

With Sumo Citrus season just weeks away, don’t miss out on a moment of the hype! Set a reminder and mark your calendar, then find Sumo Citrus fresh in stores, January through April. Signup below to be notified the moment everyone’s favorite citrus returns next month.


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