The Creativity of Sumo Citrus®️ Super-Fans

Between illustrations, oil paintings, culinary works of art and more, there was no shortage of inspiration this past season.

Name a fruit that inspires as much loyalty and creativity as Sumo Citrus®. (Go on. We’ll wait.) Every season we’re blown away by the passionate sentiments of Sumo Citrus Super-Fans, and this year was no exception. As we relish the memorable moments of this past season, here’s a look at some of the most interesting Sumo Citrus-inspired creations we saw, to hold us over until the fruit returns next January.

Sumo animation

We’ll be saving this stop-motion video from @wrightskitchen and watching it on a loop every time we crave Sumo Citrus during the off season. Did you know there were this many ways to unravel the notoriously easy-to-peel fruit?

@thehealthyhaff was one of many Super-Fans to show off her juggling skills with this most special fruit. The lesson: Never take your eyes off that signature Top Knot™! (Do you think the bumpy skin makes Sumo Citrus easier to catch?)

Life goals: Find somebody who looks at you the way this cute little pooch from @erika_cabiles looks at Sumo Citrus.

This salad from @eatingbirdfood is absolute perfection! We’ll be drooling over this gorgeous combination of ingredients — Sumo Citrus with avocado, fresh mint, pistachios, feta cheese and white balsamic dressing — until next year’s season starts.

Anytime day or night, Sumo Citrus is the perfect snack (we share the top 4 reasons why in this post !) — and @ Doyoueven100 agrees. She made Sumo Citrus one of her 100 late-night munchies illustrations, and our mouths are watering.

This season, @jodylynnvalentine discovered two healthy obsessions: Painting and eating Sumo Citrus! Turns out, they pair together beautifully.

Can brunch be art? With Sumo Citrus at the center of the plate, @starinfinitefood proved it can be. We couldn’t keep our eyes off this vibrant and healthy balanced meal. Now, the hard part: Waiting until next season to recreate it for ourselves!

@greatpointserina proved that enormously delicious fruit can be captured in small packages with this super-sweet Sumo Citrus illustration…on an index card!

We love this illustrative ode to @littlebeeandbear’s “favorite fancy fruit.” We love you sumo-ch, too!

This oil painting of a Sumo Citrus by really captures the distinctive Top Knot — and that bumpy skin!

@bycarlytice gave us a tough choice when she shared two still life options starring Sumo Citrus. (They’re both gorgeous!)

Sumo Citrus is a standout in this naturally beautiful illustration by @lisa_kubenez. She really nailed the iconic Top Knot and bumpy skin!

Keep the Super-Fan art coming even during the off-season — it reminds us that brighter days (and another Sumo Citrus season) lie ahead.


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