The Fruit That Inspires: Sumo Citrus® Fans Get Creative

Every winter, fans of Sumo Citrus look forward to the bright beam of pure joy that is experiencing the enormously delicious fruit. All it takes is a single juicy bite of Sumo Citrus to get it.

Sure, fans of the fruit know it inspires healthy snacking and on-the-go convenience because it’s seedless and easy-to-peel, but it also serves as a muse for our most creative fans.

Read on for a peek at some of the creative ways fans have expressed their love for this iconic fruit.

The crunchiest creation

@mister_krisp is an artist with a unique but tasty medium — rice crispy marshmallow “sculptures.” Jessica Siskin nailed the dekopon’s iconic top-knot and enormous size. Her version is the only one that’ll be crunchy instead of juicy.

A Vermeer-inspired shot

An icon for an icon! @lauren_goldstein re-created Johannes Vermeer’s classic 17th-century painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to celebrate Sumo Citrus season’s arrival. We love her update — and hope she savored every bite after she got the shot!

Still life with Sumo Citrus

What a breathtaking painting of our healthy obsession by Her oil on canvas features intricate brushwork and delicate contours — you can taste the extra juicy sweetness just by looking at this! She won a couple of competitions for this beautiful piece, too.

Ahead of its time

“Never not waiting” for Sumo Citrus season, says @theregular__. We feel the same. This 1947 painting titled “Women and oranges on a white background” by Algerian artist Baya Mahieaddine, evokes everyone’s favorite enormously delicious fruit, doesn’t it?

The juiciest watercolor

This watercolor from @cloudbeeb is enough to make your mouth water! She painted this one shortly after the close of last season — and we can’t wait to see what inspires her this year.

Culinary inspiration

It’s no surprise that chefs feel inspired by Sumo Citrus, too. Peek at this masterpiece of a vegan layer cake by @forsythia_forsythia — featuring Sumo Citrus jam and a rosemary-chocolate buttercream. We’ll be bookmarking this one.

In 2020, plenty of people took up art and other creative and crafty hobbies, like cross-stitch, origami, knitting, and even doodling. If Sumo Citrus inspired you in some way, shape, or form, head over to Instagram and use the tag #sumocitrus to share your healthy obsession.

Every month this season, we’ll choose one Super-Fan to win a case of the enormously delicious fruit — and be featured on the Sumo Citrus page. For the chance to be featured, share your love for Sumo Citrus using the hashtags #sumocitrus and #healthyobsession (and by tagging @sumocitrus).


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