Sumo Citrus season has begun

The wait is finally over! Sumo Citrus has arrived in stores across the country.

The wait is finally over! Sumo Citrus has arrived in stores across the country.

Every year, passionate growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley harvest the world’s most pampered fruit before its packed up and delivered to grocery stores everywhere. For fans of Sumo Citrus, January through April is the sweetest time of year. For those who have been patiently waiting to try Sumo Citrus for the first time, the wait is finally over.

Sumo farm field
Sumo Citrus being hand-picked from trees in the San Joaquin Valley

Growers like Roger Smith, who has been harvesting Sumo Citrus from the beginning at his California ranch, puts in months of hard work all for the love of citrus: “It’s almost like being a proud parent when you see that fruit. To see people in the stores choosing our variety and taking it home to their families is a joyful experience.”

It’s no surprise that everyone gets excited for their arrival. Sumo Citrus is unlike anything else in the fruit aisle. It’s enormous, has a distinctive top knot, and peels with ease. They make a great healthy snack on-the-go, at work, or in a school lunch. It also happens to be one of the sweetest pieces of fruit on the planet.

This year, Sumo Citrus packaging has a new look, inspired by the legendary fruit’s Japanese heritage. Look for the purple box in the store.

Don’t forget to stock up and enjoy every bite this season. After April, Sumo Citrus will be gone until next year!

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