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Sumo Citrus 101: The Guide to the World’s Most Loved Fruit

Everything newcomers and super-fans alike need to know about the world’s most loved fruit.

Sumo Citrus® is back in stores, now through April. Whether you’re discovering this enormously delicious fruit for the first time and want to know why it’s the most exciting thing in the produce aisle or you’re a Super-Fan in search of more info about your “healthy obsession,” read on.

Sumo Citrus is a type of oversize mandarin that’s known as a “dekopon” in Japan, where our California-grown fruit traces its roots. This unique hybrid arrived in the US over a decade before the first fruit made it to stores near you. Why did it take so long? These fruits are a little weird, enormously delicious and the most difficult citrus to cultivate. Find out more about our dedicated growers and their commitment to non-GMO, regenerative farming.

Here’s what else sets Sumo Citrus apart from other citrus.

Incredibly sweet

“Enormously delicious” isn’t hyperbole — Sumo Citrus is one of the sweetest citruses there is. The burst of sweetness is something newcomers notice immediately. What’s more? Sumo Citrus is high in fiber and vitamin C, making it a healthy, filling replacement for sugary snacks.

There’s one thing missing from Sumo Citrus: seeds! Your favorite fruit is seedless, so you can snack without worrying about biting into a bitter seed. While most Super-Fans prefer to snack on Sumo Citrus, you can also integrate their juicy sweetness into your favorite smoothies, salads and more. With no seeds, there’s no additional prep work!


Part of what gives Sumo Citrus its unique (OK, weird!) look is the bumpy skin that feels somewhat loose. Turns out, that feature isn’t only aesthetic! The skin is super easy-to-peel, with no mess, so it’s also easy-to-eat at home or on the go.

Top KnotTM

That bump on top is another way to spot the real deal. From a mild mound to a pronounced bump, on every Sumo Citrus, you’ll find a Top Knot. Look for it when you’re scouring the produce aisle trying to find your favorite fruit.


The care that goes into cultivating Sumo Citrus extends beyond appearance and flavor. Our growers prune each tree by hand for more sunlight, then harvest each fruit one at a time, using small totes and a floating line system to prevent bruising. And, Sumo Citrus is always non-GMO!

See for yourself what makes Sumo Citrus a little weird but enormously delicious!


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