Start Fresh in 2021 with Sumo Citrus®

You made it through 2020! Seriously, give yourself major props for making it through a challenging year like no other.

Not only does this January offer us all a new beginning and opportunity to start fresh, it also coincides with a long-awaited season by many: Sumo Citrus — the fruit you wait all year for — is finally here!

Celebrate the return of the iconic citrus and the beginning of 2021 by joining in the start fresh mentality — you don’t have to make life complicated to see results. Sumo Citrus super-fans already know: the healthiest snack is also the simplest. One ingredient, enormously delicious, and easy to peel — that’s Sumo Citrus. So, in line with that philosophy, here are five other ways to start fresh in 2021.

1. Find a healthy obsession.

Since Sumo Citrus is only in stores January to April, super-fans have to stock up while they can. Their healthy obsession with this super-sweet fruit is no secret — let that inspire you. The most passionate of the bunch even count down the days until the beginning of each season, a tactic which can actually boost joy, according to researchers.

So, why not be like the Sumo Citrus super-fans and embrace your own healthy obsession? And transfer that patience to other areas of life: Plan a trip that’s several months away. Take up a musical instrument or new language. Knit an entire blanket. And, while this much-adored fruit is in season, try new recipes and meal ideas with Sumo Citrus as the star ingredient.

2. Freshen up your meals and snacks.

Be honest: Do you reach for whatever’s easy when hunger strikes? You’re not alone. However, planning ahead and stocking your kitchen with healthy and nourishing foods is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Start small, by keeping your favorite single-ingredient healthy snack close at hand. Fueling up with Sumo Citrus and other straight-from-nature foods can give you all the energy you need.

Since you can literally peel a Sumo Citrus with one hand, it’s ideal for busy days. Plus, there’s no sweeter way to show your immune system (and the rest of your body) some love.

3.Make mindful moments a priority.

To balance out those busy days and endless Zoom marathons, find time throughout the day to pause, breathe, and check in with yourself. While Sumo Citrus is in season, turn snack time into a mindful moment. Engage your senses (and ignore your inbox) while you peel this enormous, super-sweet fruit. Inhale the aroma as your separate and savor every juicy, no-mess segment. Bonus: Vitamin C can actually help avoid the spiking of a stress hormone called cortisol, as if you needed another reason to opt for the nutrient-packed fruit. Sumo Citrus turns your midmorning snack into a zenlike experience.

4. Enjoy the journey.

When it comes to Sumo Citrus, like many things in life, every step of the growing cycle is important. Sumo Citrus growers know perfection can’t be rushed. All year long, growers are in the fields, monitoring the progress of this delicate and difficult-to-grow fruit. They put in the work and care for every single enormous piece of fruit, all so that every bite is the sweetest you’ve ever had. You literally enjoy the fruits of their labor — and they’re proud of the final results.

You get how much planning and care goes into growing your favorite fruit — so apply that same level of detail to your own goals. Don’t rush yourself. Enjoy every step of the way. You have the whole year to cultivate good things.

5. Practice makes progress.

Your fresh start will take time, and setbacks are a natural part of the process. Just ask the passionate, dedicated Sumo Citrus growers. After all, it took over a decade to cultivate this fruit in the US after the mandarin hybrid was brought over from Japan. And don’t forget, every Sumo Citrus tree requires four years of care and year-round attention between planting the sapling and eventually harvesting fruit to then ship to supermarkets. Talk about patience and dedication!

As you start fresh this year, let this enormously delicious snack be your inspiration. As we know with Sumo Citrus, the best things in life can’t be rushed.

Find Sumo Citrus now, available in your local store.


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