The Most Extraordinary Sumo Citrus Headlines This Season

Those with discerning palates know that Sumo Citrus is an everyday indulgence worth seeking out season after season.

The 2024 season was remarkable, even by Sumo Citrus standards, and the media took notice. Browse through some of the top outlets who shared the love for Sumo Citrus this year.

Three-Peat Best Snack Winner

When it comes to choosing the best food and consumer goods, there’s no one more respected than Good Housekeeping. We were thrilled to be tapped as a “three-peat” winner in their 2024 “Best Snack” Awards in the “Powerhouse Produce” category.

“The seedless fruit is perfect for healthy on-the-go snacking for all ages, has a vibrant sweet flavor and serves as an excellent source of vitamin C…. Taste testers couldn’t get enough of them, rating them as one of the best snacks in our evaluations.”

Read more at Good Housekeeping.

‘Citrus for the Save’

Hailed as a prescription for surviving the coldest, darkest months of the year, The New York Times wrote: “My friends and I approach peak [Sumo] season with thunderous enthusiasm, and for good reason: The arrival of the easy-to-peel mandarin-navel hybrid fruit could not be more timely. The wintertime blues, reinforced by dismal wintry mixes, can be offset only by the invigorating tang of citrus.”

One of the ‘Designer Fruits and Vegetables to Taste Right Now’

Sumo Citrus is among the produce offering “unprecedented flavor,” according to The Wall Street Journal. They wrote: “Huge, easy to peel and seedless, this fruit has developed an ardent fan base for consistently delivering an intense, mouth-puckering tartness.” (We’d call that incredible sweetness instead of tartness, but it’s definitely intense!)

A Reminder of Our Health Benefits

With a taste like no other, it’s easy to forget that Sumo Citrus is good for you, too. Thankfully, Real Simple offered a refresher on our health benefits, touting not only the vitamin C content but also the fiber and potassium each legendary fruit delivers.

They perfectly captured the irresistible flavor, saying: Sumo Citrus “are much more on the sweeter side (even more so than typical Mandarins and clementines) with refreshing acidity and a smooth texture you don’t necessarily get with other oranges and citrus fruits. They are seedless and have minimal pith. Additionally, Sumos are easy to peel and aren’t messy to eat, making them a great on-the-go snack.”

Mocktails to Save for Next Season

Forbes offered a round-up of “Seasonally-Inspired, Zero-Proof Mocktails,” with Sumo Citrus high on the list. The Ginger Citrus Mocktail With Honey Pepper Rim is a “tart and fizzy way to bring in Sumo Citrus season,” with perfectly paired ingredients like apple cider vinegar, ginger kombucha, paprika and, of course, Sumo Citrus.

Follow us on Instagram for more delicious mocktail ideas like this Tropical Citrus Rum Mocktail or check out the Sumo Citrus Vanilla Passion Fruit Mocktail and other enormously delicious recipes! And keep your eyes on the news next season to see if you can spot your favorite fruit not only in the produce aisle, but in the headlines, as well.


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