Meet the Super Fans Who Stan for Sumo Citrus

With 14 seasons under our belt, it should come as no surprise that we’ve gathered a loyal and enthusiastic community. Our Super Fans stretch out across the country, and each year they one-up each other with their affinity for the world’s most beloved fruit.

When folks are willing to wait all year long for a simple joy, it seems to naturally create rituals and routines. Sometimes it’s a way to balance the conflicting desires to devour and savor a Sumo Citrus. Other times, it’s a way to let the light in on a dark winter day. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to be silly and cut loose.

If loving Sumo Citrus this much is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Adulting is hard. The weight of the world can feel heavy. But Sumo Citrus? It’s always incredibly sweet, enormously delicious, easy-to-peel, seedless and non-GMO. That much goodness inspires unexpected joy.

We should all aspire to be Super Fans, squeezing every drop from life – and each far-too-short Sumo Citrus season. Read on to get to know the amazing humans selected as this season’s Super Fans.


January: The Super Fan Who Checks All the Boxes

Superfan Spotlight Julianna

Julianna was our first Super Fan winner this season in January 2024. Captivated by chefs and cookbook authors, Julianna embarked on a Sumo Citrus journey, and since that first sweet bite, she’s been hooked!

In Julianna’s words, “Sumo Citrus is what you wish every other type of citrus was. It has a depth of flavor that is unmatched…To put it simply, I love food and am always interested in sharing the best of what I can find or make with people that I love.”

Julianna goes beyond personal enjoyment, generously sharing the Sumo Citrus spirit by gifting the fruit to students and spreading the love.

No chill for her, and we’re here for it: She loves Sumo Citrus so much she featured us 18 times on her grid. Talk about making it Instagram-official. Based on those posts, she convinced more than 20 other people to fall in love with Sumo Citrus. We promise, she’s not the payroll – but she did receive free fruit as the #1 Super Fan of the month!

Want more proof? Julianna offered a coffee gift card to anyone who would bring her Sumo Citrus when she forgot her stash on a work conference trip. She tried our favorite recipes, including these Sumo Citrus® Mojo-Style Wings. She even sported her Sumo Citrus swag beanie when she voted! If we had made a Sumo Citrus Super Fan Bingo Card, Julianna would have checked all the boxes.


February: The Sweetest Daddy-Daughter Duo

Super-Fan Spotlight Marco

The only thing that could possibly come close to the super sweetness of Sumo Citrus? The amazing daddy-daughter duo we chose to be our February Super Fan winners! Meet Marco and his daughter, Gabby, our mega Super Fans! Warning: They will melt your hearts.

For the shortest month of the year, we opted for double the joy by celebrating not just Marco but also his daughter, Gabby. They share a beautiful bond over their love for Sumo Citrus!

Marco says, “It’s so juicy, so delicious, so unique, and I love how it is easy to peel and makes the perfect snack. Also tastes amazing and has made incredible desserts. I am so busy and always running to go to work, so I always take some Sumo Citrus with me.”

But the sweetness doesn’t stop there — Gabby and Marco enjoy special father-daughter moments, peeling and savoring the unique taste of Sumo Citrus together.

We stopped counting after 40 photos from the 2024 season alone – Marco and Gabby went above and beyond. Marco turned Sumo Citrus segments into a crab on more than one occasion and other super cool creatures.

Whether it’s sharing lunches worthy of a Pinterest board, coordinating Moana-themed costumes or napping on the plane while off on an adventure, these two offer a sweet peek into their most special moments.

Their story is a reminder of the simple pleasures that bring us together, making everyday moments memorable with the taste of Sumo Citrus. Whether it’s crafting delicious desserts or enjoying a healthy snack on the go, Marco and Gabby show us that Sumo Citrus is more than just a fruit — it’s a way to connect, share, and create joy.


March: She’s Getting Gains with Sumo Citrus By Her Side

Super-Fan Spotlight Kellie

Kellie Wilson is a high school teacher whose love of travel and fitness are rivaled only by her love of Sumo Citrus. She’s well-known for bringing at least one along to the gym. (Good idea, Kellie. Refueling your body is key to getting those hard-earned gains!)

Kellie’s been head-over-heels since that first bite: “A friend told me how delicious Sumo Citrus was and once I tried I was hooked! My once a day snack now!! The taste is divine! I love how easy they are to peel and how they are not messy. They are portable and a great snack to take anywhere! My favorite thing to do is to come home and have a delicious Sumo Citrus right after Pilates. It’s so refreshing, it’s the perfect after-workout snack.”

With over 20 confirmed posts dedicated to her snacktime soulmate, Kellie’s claim to fame is writing clever, on-trend captions that just might earn her a role on the social media team one of these days.

If you live in or around Kellie, be warned: We once saw her stock her cart with four bags just for herself. She may or may not be single-handedly responsible for certain stores running out of supplies on occasion.

Keep those good vibes coming, Kellie, and we can’t wait to see how many Sumo Citrus you savor next season.


Truth be told, we are as obsessed with our Super Fans as they are with Sumo Citrus. Thanks to each one of you for your continued support this season… and for patiently pining for the return of this legendary fruit with us year after year!


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