The Legend of the Sumo Citrus®

Sumo Citrus partnered with Hypebeast to tell the origin story of the world's most loved fruit.

Where did it all begin? The origin story of Sumo Citrus is told through the skillful hand of anime-creator Chris Metzner, who brings to life the fruit’s Japanese origins in a tale of obsession.

Every year, it takes the passion and hard work of expert growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley to harvest the enormously delicious fruit, dubbed “dekopon” for its rough skin and interesting look. And, every January through April, enthusiastic fans of the fruit wait to stock-up at the grocery store to indulge in their healthy obsession.

Every year in January, obsessive fans line up at their grocery stores to stock up on the world's most loved fruit, mostly unaware of the long journey sumo citrus has made from Japan...

But the Sumo Citrus phenomenon as we know it today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the fruit’s humble beginnings in 1970’s Japan. One dedicated researcher’s determination to develop the world’s most perfect fruit didn’t come without years of trial and error, before resulting in the iconic mandarin hybrid.

To this day, the difficult-to-grow fruit with bumpy skin and a top-knot is raised with the same level of care and commitment season after season, reminding us that “The imperfect results of our hard work are far sweeter than the perfection of our ideas.”

In partnership with Hypebeast, Sumo Citrus is excited to present the origin story of the legendary fruit in an illustrative manga comic.

Read the story here

Don’t forget to stock-up on Sumo Citrus while it’s still in season until April. Find your store here!


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