Healthy Snacking Tips for Parents

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when Sumo Citrus® is in season. Read on for our best tips for parents. You’ll learn new ways to encourage kids to reach for healthy snacks – so you can keep the peace when hunger strikes.

1. Offer them choices.

At snacktimes and mealtimes, consider offering two choices. By letting kids pick, they feel like they have some control, and by limiting them to only two choices, you avoid decision fatigue while ensuring they eat something nutritious.

2. Display the good stuff.

When they’re hungry, kids will often follow the path of least resistance. If chips and cookies are the easiest foods to access, that’s what they’ll reach for. Keep a fruit bowl stocked with Sumo Citrus on the counter. Stash fresh-cut veggies (the ones you know they like) and hummus or dip at their eye level in the fridge. Make sure healthy grab-and-go options are the easiest to find.

3. Curate a snack collection.

Designate a shelf or bin in the refrigerator and/or pantry that’s just for kid snacks. Fill it with their favorite healthy foods, from whole-grain crackers and dried fruit to Sumo Citrus and peanut butter packets. Giving little ones a special spot for “their” snacks will encourage them to ask for those healthy options at snacktime. As a bonus, let them pick out foods at the grocery store to restock their supply.

4. Set a good example.

Little ones model the behavior they see, and they want to be like their parents. If they see you eating your veggies, it helps normalize the habit – and might encourage them to try new foods. The same goes for snacking. If they see you savoring a Sumo Citrus or noshing on cucumbers and hummus, they’ll want to do the same!

5. Make exceptions.

It can be challenging enough to model healthy eating habits at the dinner table. But away from home, hunger can come on strong – and fast. A cookie just sounds better when you’re “starving” while out running errands. Reaching for the easiest option (not the healthiest) during those hunger emergencies won’t completely turn kids off from healthy eating.

6. Remind them all foods fit.

Another healthy habit that parents can model for kids is indulging in treats without making a big deal about it. This habit shows them that reaching for fruit is the healthy choice, but it’s no big deal to treat yourself on special occasions. Sharing treats can also help reduce the power they hold over kids, once they realize chips, cookies and candy are fine to eat – sometimes.

When Sumo Citrus is in season, healthy eating is enormously delicious and especially simple. They’re easy to peel, so little ones can manage on their own, with no mess but plenty of sweet, juicy goodness! Make your “healthy obsession” a healthy habit for the whole family.


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