Healthy Eating for the Whole Family with Sumo Citrus®

When Sumo Citrus is in season, healthy eating gets a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Sumo Citrus, the incredibly sweet, single ingredient snack is packed with health benefits — and the best part is, the fruit is so easy and convenient to enjoy. As we count down to the 2022 Sumo Citrus season (which starts in January), we’re offering a few more ways to indulge your #healthyobsession, while also supporting your family’s health and wellbeing.

1. Put healthy foods front and center.

One of the easiest ways to encourage healthy snacking with kids and prioritize single-ingredient foods is to keep these fresh items front and center. You can ease into this by gradually adding more brightly colored-fruits and veggies to your kids’ plates. Another trick is to keep processed chips, cookies and other treats out of sight, in a cupboard or pantry (preferably in containers that aren’t clear).

With 163% recommended daily value of vitamin C, 3g of fiber per serving, and an incredibly sweet taste, Sumo Citrus is just the right healthy snack to keep on hand. A fruit bowl in the kitchen will remind kids how much they love every juicy, delicious bite.

2. Stay nourished on-the-go

Fruit is an excellent way to fuel up when you’re out and about running errands, and need a quick boost of energy. Sumo Citrus is an especially good, easy-to-digest option for growing active kids and teens (and their parents) between activities. Each one is enormous to quell hunger, with an undeniable juiciness.

Keep them close at hand to deal with the inevitable hunger pangs that come with having a busy lifestyle.

3. After a workout, refuel with healthy foods.

When a workout is complete, your tank is likely pretty empty, and that’s especially true for teens who practice after school. Give them an energy boost with a Sumo Citrus. Every juicy bite will help replenish what they’ve burned. Pro tip: Bring Sumo Citrus with you when picking up the kids after practice.

After that, pair Sumo Citrus with lean protein to help muscles recover faster. When you’re short on time (or racing to outpace “hanger”), opt for equally simple protein choices, like hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt or a handful of nuts and seeds.

When you have more time for food prep, serve Sumo Citrus segments as part of a favorite grain or macro bowl. Try massaged kale with rotisserie chicken or lentils, quinoa, pickled red onion, pumpkin seeds, crumbled goat cheese and Sumo Citrus, along with a favorite dressing.

4.Encourage independence in little ones.

Watching kids achieve developmental milestones is one of the most rewarding parts of parenting — but it can also be a challenge. If your little ones like to help in the kitchen, but you want to avoid a big mess, try giving them an easy to peel, no mess Sumo Citrus to add to your favorite dish.

Even tiny hands can peel them with ease. The enormously delicious segments are seedless and juicy yet never make a mess. That’s a win-win for parents and kids!

5.Freshen up school snacks

While eating lunch away from your desk is an admirable goal, it can’t always happen on busy days. On those occasions, prioritize what you eat, not where you eat. The same goes for kids, whether they’re in the classroom or learning via Zoom.

Keep Sumo Citrus close by when they’re available so everyone has something healthy and filling to tide them over until mealtime or to satisfy a craving for something sweet.

6.Make them your anywhere, anytime snack.

It took over 10 years of careful breeding by expert growers to develop the world’s most anticipated fruit. Each tree requires four years of constant love and care before producing a single fruit. And after that, our growers tend their trees all year round. But in the end, despite all that work, Sumo Citrus is actually pretty low-maintenance after it gets to markets.

You can take these enormous fruits — with their iconic Top KnotTM and loose, bumpy skin — just about anywhere. Snack on them on the sidelines during soccer games. Pack them into school lunchboxes. Savor one on the ride home. Sumo Citrus is as versatile as it is incredibly sweet and delicious!


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