Everything You Need to Know for Sumo Citrus Season

January is almost here, and that means one thing: The start of the Sumo Citrus season! It only lasts from January through April each year, so there’s little time to waste.

Before the legendary, enormously delicious fruit lands in produce aisles near you, let’s recap everything you need to know about Sumo Citrus. Read on to learn all about the hype, the history, and the hints to ensure you have the one and only Sumo Citrus. Accept no substitutes!

The Hype

People can’t stop talking about Sumo Citrus – and not just the Super Fans. The press, celebrities, influencers, even our growers… it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t fallen in love at first bite.

But why?

  • They’re enormously delicious. Seriously. Each one is filling – big enough to actually curb your hunger and tasty enough to crush a craving for something sweet.
  • They’re incredibly sweet. But since they’re a single-ingredient snack delivered as Mother Nature intended, Sumo Citrus is a sweet treat you can enjoy any time of day. And, since each one delivers 163% of your daily vitamin C, plus 3 grams of fiber and other nutrients, it’s a healthy obsession for the whole family. (Little ones love Sumo Citrus!)
  • They’re easy to peel, with no mess. Ever tried to peel other citrus at your desk or on the go, only to end up with sticky hands and a lot of regrets? That will never happen with Sumo Citrus. The thick, bumpy skin that makes it look a little weird also makes it super easy to peel. And somehow, despite the mouth-watering juiciness in every bite, Sumo Citrus is mess-free!
  • They’re seedless. Sumo Citrus is a non-GMO fruit verified by the non-GMO Project. They are the result of careful cross-breeding by dedicated growers in fields (not a chemistry lab).

The History

Sumo Citrus is a rare variety of fruit that was originally cultivated in Japan in the 1970s by an expert grower who set out to develop the ultimate citrus experience, which was called the “dekopon” in Japan. The fruit immediately became a cult favorite, prized by all who had the chance to savor each juicy, seedless, and super sweet bite.

Fast-forward to 1998, and the first seedlings arrived in the U.S. But, since Sumo Citrus is one of the most challenging varieties of citrus to grow, the public had to wait over a decade for it to arrive in stores!

Since 2011, Sumo Citrus has been growing in popularity. Our dedicated and passionate growers work year-round to ensure each and every Sumo Citrus is perfect, from the time it leaves their farms in California until it arrives in your favorite local grocery store.

The Hints

How can you tell you’ve found the one and only real deal Sumo Citrus in stores? Start with this list of attributes – we think of them as “the three T’s”:


Sumo Citrus arrives in stores in January, and the season ends in April.

Top Knot™:

While some citrus are perfectly round, Sumo Citrus is not. At the stem end, you’ll see a bump, called the Top Knot™. All Sumo Citrus will have one!


Feel the skin. If it’s smooth like a lime, it’s not a Sumo Citrus. You want to look for skin that’s bumpy and textured to make sure you’ve found the right fruit.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to look for the classic sticker – that’s the #1 way to know you have Sumo Citrus!

Every Sumo Citrus has a cute little purple sticker bearing an image of the fruit and the name. If the fruit you’ve found can check all those boxes, get ready for an enormously delicious experience!


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