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A Sweet Year: Looking Back at the 2023 Season

What a year for Sumo Citrus!

What a year for Sumo Citrus! At the end of every season, we say “this was the best year yet” but then we somehow manage to outdo ourselves, year after year. The 2023 season was no exception. It goes without saying that we owe our success to both our dedicated growers and our passionate fans. Together you’ve turned an enormous, high-maintenance fruit with a funky Top Knot into the most exciting thing in the produce aisle, with the most passionate following! No other fruit can say the same.

Here’s a peek at some of our “pinch me” moments from the latest season:

Pop-Up Tastings
We did pop-up tastings in some of our favorite cities! As much as we love connecting with our Super-Fans on social media, there’s nothing like meeting you all face to face. From coast to coast, we heard your honest opinions about why you love Sumo Citrus. You called it “the evolution of citrus” — and talked about every sweet, juicy, zesty bite. These tasting videos are the most wholesome thing you’ll find on the Internet.

Larger Than Life Sumo Citrus
Did you see the enormously impressive billboards that popped up on the west coast? The size was only fitting for a fruit that’s this enormously delicious.

A Quartet of Weird Vignettes
We have an amazingly talented team working to make sure the world knows about Sumo Citrus. And this year, things got a little weird with our quartet of vignettes! Sumo Citrus continues to serve as a creative muse for you and for our creatives.

Sumo Citrus on TV!
We love when fans — both celebrities and the rest of us — share their obsession for Sumo Citrus. With over a million viewers on any given morning, TODAY with Hoda & Jenna gave us a shout-out for the second year in a row. What a fun surprise! Soon after the season kicked off Hoda Kotb again gushed about her favorite fruit with her co-host Jenna Bush Hager, saying eating one “feels like Summer in the middle of Winter!”

Jenna’s First Harvest
Longtime fans will remember that Jenna Fischer (yes, she of Office fame!) has been growing Sumo Citrus in her backyard for the last couple of years. Well, her tree is finally big enough to bear fruit. Jenna celebrated her birthday with Sumo Citrus fresh from her very own tree!

And that’s a wrap. We’ll be back next season with more on everyone’s favorite enormously delicious fruit!


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