A Healthy Obsession:
A Look Back at the 2021 Sumo Citrus® season

After a difficult year, everyone was waiting for the return of the enormously delicious Sumo Citrus.

This fruit sweetened the lives of super-fans everywhere, one juicy, seedless bite at a time. Sumo Citrus reminded us all just how much joy and excitement a funny looking mandarin-hybrid from Japan could bring to people everywhere. The iconic fruit with the Top Knot™ became the world’s most loved fruit with a band of evangelists like no other fruit.

Here’s a look back at the #healthyobsession that inspired us all January through April.

First up, we have to thank the dedicated super-fans who shared their healthy obsession with Sumo Citrus loud and clear. They stocked up and showed up for the fruit bigger than ever.

Speaking of super-fans, we can’t forget the next-level obsession that expressed itself through Jenna Fischer and Eva Chen, who took their love of Sumo Citrus to new heights in 2021…

Jenna’s greatest wish came true this season, when we sent her her very own Sumo Citrus tree. She’s now the first backyard grower of the fruit, and we can’t wait to see her tree come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Eva continued to combine her iconic #evachenpose with the iconic fruit, becoming a staple accessory whether she’s on-the-go or at home with her family.

The media took notice of this oversized mandarin, too.

CNN Business called Sumo Citrus “probably the world’s most pampered fruit,” with a “cult following.”

Upworthy shared “what it takes to grow one of the most loved fruits in the world.” Read more about the legacy growers who are the best in the business!

Hypebeast and the skillful artist Chris Metzer shared the origin story of Sumo Citrus in the fruit’s first manga-inspired comic. Read A Healthy Obsession, The Legend of Sumo Citrus.

MindBodyGreen shared The Art of The Mindful Morning: 5 Practices to Begin Every Day. (Hint: Your favorite fruit is one of the secrets.)

And the features kept on coming….

  • Hoda Kotb revealed her favorite fruit is Sumo Citrus! Watch it on
  • Elite Daily declared Sumo Citrus as the fruit “people can’t stop obsessing over.”
  • The icon was “all over social media”, said

The legendary fruit had its moment in the sun, too, with major billboards in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Boston — and placements in The New Yorker and Bon Appetit!

Sumo Citrus billboard in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The season may be over until next January, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start anticipating the return of your #healthyobsession. Until then, follow @sumocitrus to relive our favorite season of the year, get updates on how the fruit is growing in the offseason, and receive availability reminders.


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