7 Ways to Savor Sumo Citrus®

Discover the many ways to enjoy Sumo Citrus and make the most of this special season!

When Sumo Citrus season comes around every January through April, super-fans are known to stock-up on the oversized mandarin. The healthy obsession is real, and with fewer trips to the grocery store these days, the hauls can easily become just as enormous as the pieces of fruit themselves. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy your favorite fruit over the course of the day. As the end of the Sumo Citrus season approaches, here’s a look at seven ways you can enjoy and make the most of this special fruit, while it’s still in season.

1. The Balance at Breakfast

Need a reason to drag yourself out from under the covers in the morning? We hear you. Make Sumo Citrus part of your A.M. meal, and you might just find yourself skipping the snooze button. With 163% of your daily vitamin C, fiber, and other phytonutrients, this fruit is just the jumpstart your body will love.

  • Pair Sumo Citrus with your usual eggs and toast to get a jump-start on hitting your fruit-and-veg quota for the day.
  • Love smoothies, but feel like they just aren’t filling enough? Try adding the oversized mandarin on the side to give yourself an extra boost of sweetness to savor.
  • If you’re keen on breakfast bowls, top yours with Sumo Citrus segments, along with shredded coconut and a drizzle of almond butter.
Image by @balancedbryana

2. The Snack That Goes Wherever You Go

Whether you’re at home grazing between Zoom meetings, or venturing out for an adventure, snacks are a must to keep the energy flowing. As a single-ingredient snack, Sumo Citrus is a welcome upgrade from all of the processed “healthy snacks” surrounding us. This fruit is filling thanks to its extra-large size, so it satisfies your hunger as much as your taste buds. It’s also super juicy without any of the mess, and because it’s so easy to peel, you can nosh at your desk, in the car, or anywhere hunger hits.

Image by @dailyorangepeels

3. The After-Lunch Sweet

You’ve just finished your salad or leftovers from the night before, and need just the thing to round out your lunch break. We’ve all been there and know all too well the effect our food decisions have in setting our afternoons up for success — or making us want to jump on the snooze train by 3pm. Sumo Citrus is the perfect healthy top-me-off to satisfy your lingering hunger, and also fulfill your sweet tooth.

Image by @what.amelia.ate

4. The Fruit for Mindful Moments

There’s no denying we often eat for reasons beyond physical hunger. It might be reaching into the bag of chips a few extra times, or staring into the fridge aimlessly. Enjoying a Sumo Citrus mindfully is a sure way to invite a more intentional ritual into your day. This unique fruit engages your senses, and although the peeling is easy, it requires you to put down your phone and stop scrolling. The refreshing scent of the citrus, and burst of juicy sweetness bring you into the moment no matter what else is going on in your day.

Image by @sarahltackett

5. The Ultimate Culinary Inspiration

Sumo Citrus is one of the simple joys of winter and spring.  Although it’s  just as delicious on its own, a taste so sweet also serves as inspiration in the kitchen when you want to take your #healthyobsession a step further. Whether you make your Sumo Citrus the highlight of a dish, or add one on the side for extra sweetness, let the world’s most loved fruit be your culinary muse. @chooseplantz inspired us with this Asian salad featuring lacinato kale, shaved raw brussel sprouts, edamame, red cabbage, green onions, carrots, cilantro, toasted almonds, toasted sesame seeds, and of course, Sumo Citrus.

Image by @chooseplantz

6. The Fuel for Every Activity

How you nourish your body after a workout can make or break your fitness goals. While it’s important to replenish with protein to rebuild and strengthen the muscle you break down during exercise, you also need carbohydrates to top off your energy levels. Sumo Citrus delivers healthy energy and carbs to restore what you burned during your physical activity. Each one is large enough to take the edge off your hunger without making you feel overly full.

Image by @synergy_fitnezz

7. The Sweetest Ending to the Day

Craving a bedtime snack? If you’re hungry late at night, eat a little something – but choose carefully. Heavy foods rich in protein and fat will take more energy to digest and could keep you awake. Sugary snacks like cookies and ice cream can do the same. A Sumo Citrus gives you the sweetness you crave in a single, natural “ingredient.” Pair one with a warm mug of herbal tea for a cozy end to your evening.

Image by @amanda_doreen

Stock up while you can on this legendary fruit then share all of the ways you enjoy your Sumo Citrus. Use the hashtag #healthyobsession for the chance to be featured on the Sumo Citrus Instagram, and then find the fruit in stores, only through April!


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