What Makes
Sumo Citrus Special?

Quite simply, they’re some of the sweetest, best-tasting citrus you’ll ever eat. Try one and see why so many people look forward to this one-of-a-kind flavor every year!

Bursting with sweetness

Every bite is packed with unforgettable sweetness but won’t make a mess in your hands.

Peels effortlessly

The skin practically falls off in one piece—just start at the top knot!

Satisfyingly seedless

No seeds to spit out or eat around so you can focus on enjoying every bite.

Huge Flavor, Short Season

Our season only lasts a few special months each year, making this fruit one of the last truly seasonal treats. Enjoy every bite while you can!


Hand-Picked for Peak Freshness

Despite their rugged appearance, this delicate fruit bruises easily so the trees are hand-pruned and the fruit is hand-picked and packed for optimum quality and flavor. We also use 100% environmentally safe and recyclable packaging materials and are proud to be non-GMO.

Where did Sumo Citrus come from?

Our prized seedless mandarin was originally grown in Japan in the 1970s by a citrus grower who set out to develop a fruit combining the best of the easy-to-peel Japanese mandarin with the big, juicy sweet oranges from California. It took over 30 years but the hard work was rewarded when this new variety became the most prized citrus fruit in Japan and Korea where it’s so revered it’s often given as gifts between friends.

Now we grow this legendary fruit in California’s San Joaquin Valley using the same growing methods and incredibly high standards as its originator.

“Seeing how loved this variety is in other countries, I’m excited to now grow it in California for everyone here to finally enjoy.”

Seth Wollenman, Citrus Grower

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